.......Manners are how you treat someone..

...............Etiquette is knowing how to treat someone

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Etiquette Programs for Adults
Social etiquette covers so many areas of our lives. We always remember how people treat us and how they make us feel. We all know how wonderful it feels to be treated with respect . The person who has refined social skills finds their path in life is a lot easier and interesting because people like to be around them.

Etiquette Classes for Children & Teens
Well-mannered children and teenagers are delightful to be around, but often it is difficult for parents to be as effective as they would like in instilling gracious manners and social skills in their children.
These classes will put your child well on the road to mastering social graces and feeling confident in many situations

Three week course (one hour each week)

Program One

  • Meeting & Greeting People

  • Telephone Manners

  • Dining Manners at home and in restaurants

Children's and teen's etiquette classes held in the home. (Minimum number for each 3 week session is four attendees)


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Social Etiquette

Throughout our lives we can always improve our manners, our knowledge and our skills

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