Cooking & Team Building Classes

Cooking Classes for Groups & Team Building
Culinary Activities in Orlando, Florida

Recipe For A Team Building Culinary Class:
Team Building/Culinary Instruction,
Three or Four Course Meal
Appetizer, Salad, Entrée, Complimenting Side, Dessert,
Menu of Recipes, Photos,Fun & Laughter!!

      World class venue with the latest and best in kitchen appliances and utensils in Orlando
     Team spirited colleagues ready for an adventurous and exciting taste adventure
      Entertaining instruction on the foods and their harmony
      Fresh, healthful and delectable ingredients

    Review the menu of recipes
    Blend in a strategy on how the group will organize into teams
    Divide into teams and work on your delectable dish
   Stir in lots of fun and laughter

Choose from one item from A, B, C & D below:

Appetizers A
Beguiling Walnut Fig Tapenade On (Goat Cheese Slathered) Toasted Baguette
Olivita Crostini Appetizer
English Sausage Rolls

Salad B
 1.Tender Mixed Greens with Mandarin Oranges, Cranberries & Caramelized Pecans with Champagne Herb Vinaigrette
2. Baby Spinach & Fresh Berry Salad with (Artisan Cheese) and Aged Balsamic Vinaigrette
3. Berry Wedge Salad with Blue Cheese & Bacon
4. Walking Caesar Salad

Entree C
   1. Herbed Grilled Breast of Chicken with Dynamite Cilantro Lime Sauce
2. Apricot Salsa Pork Tenderloin
3. Fragrant & Delectable Chicken Curry
(served with Jeweled Basmati Rice with Sweet Ancient Red Pepper, Sultanas,
Cardamom, Cinnamon & Cloves) 

Dessert D
 1. English Sherry Trifle
2. Chocolate Pecan Brownie Decadence
3. Self-Composed Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce
4. Home made Iron Skillet Apple Pie

  Menus can vary due to availability of fresh food.  Beverages are not
provided but you can bring wine, beer, soft drinks, etc.  

Lunchtime = Minimum 12 - Maximum 15 people
Late afternoon/early dinner = Minimum 12 - Maximum 25 people
If you do not have 12 people you can still have your own
private event but pay for the minimumVenue: Gourmet Culinary Salons of Aggressive Appliances
617 Mercy Drive, Orlando 32805
Email for more information

Private Cooking Classes & Activities for Groups,
Family, Friends & Colleagues

You do not have to be an experienced cook to attend classes - just have the desire to be a better cook and learn new skills and wonderful recipes than can be tweaked with little spice and herbs changes to make completely different flavor adventures

Have a different celebration, cook together!
Enjoy all the fun ~ no food shopping ~ no clean up!
Lunchtime = Minimum 12 - Maximum 15 people
Late afternoon/early dinner = Minimum of 12 - Maximum 25 people

Email for Detailed Information

Bring your favorite beverage to sip  while learning, preparing and enjoying the culinary delights!

  • Advance Registration & Payment Required - credit cards through Pay Pal

  • PRIVATE CLASSES (12 or more people) There is NO REFUND for individuals that cancel who are members of a private class. It is suggested you find individuals to take your place.

Julia Anita Strimple, Epicurean & Etiquette Educator, Speaker, Author,

HANDS ON Cooking Classes are held in the showroom of Live Gourmet Kitchen Vignettes of Aggressive Appliances at 617 Mercy Drive, Orlando, Florida 32805

  • Host your own culinary class, with family, friends or colleagues:

    • Birthday, anniversary or achievement celebration

    • Shower, group or team building class...... the options are endless.

  • Different ideas for fun and gifts!

      • Instead of having a gift exchange at a restaurant organize, a group of your friends, colleagues or family to have a gift exchange at your own private cooking class

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