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Team Building & Group Fun through Cooking with Julia




Cooking Classes with Friends, Groups,
Colleagues & Corporate Team Building Activities

Cooking together provides a fun and entertaining way to know get to know each other better,
renew friendships, spend time with families and produce a delectable meal to enjoy together.

Gourmet Magic Cooking Adventures

Team Beguiling Fig showing their appetizer platters

Take a look at the short video above. A few scenes from classes where friends and colleagues are working together to come up with a delectable dish. Yum!!

Team Beguiling Fig showing off their appetizer platter to start the meal.The appetizer is walnut, figs, olives, capers mixed together and placed a top a lightly toasted baguette slice slathered with artisan goat cheese.

Team NBC Universal in their final pictue at the end of the class
Raspberry Brownie Dessert
The final picture for Team NBCUniversal Orlando after all the preparation, cooking, eating, laughing and fun!
Oh my! Decadent Raspberry Truffle Brownie dessert - with whipped cream, fresh raspberries and Chambord Liqueur Sauce
Preparing Sausage rolls in cooking class
Group cooking with a wok
Julia demonstrating making English Sausage Rolls in the International Appetizer Class
Team Building is successful and fun in cooking classes as the playing field is levelled with so many different areas a person can excel in to achieve the desired result. In fact different talents and versatility are important ingredients

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