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Cooking,Team Building,Wine Appreciation & Social Skills Classes with Julia



Group Classes for Friends, Colleagues
& Corporate Team Building Events

Food brings people together! Many lessons learned in the kitchen can be translated
to the office and the corporate world. Team Building Cooking Classes provide a fun
and entertaining way for companies to reward employees
while also benefiting from the team cooking experience.


Cooking class participants talking about their recipes

The Salad Team from a Valentine's Cooking Class

View of part of one of the expansive gourmet kitchen areas at Aggressive Appliances in Orlando where Gourmet Magic cooking and team building classes take place
The kitchen is a microcosm of the working world, with decision making, deadlines to work towards and cooperation and presentation of the final work. Cooking has an all-inclusive side to it.
Team Building cooking class participants listening to their instructions Entree of chicken wellington and peas and carrots in Gran Marnier Sauce
Participants laughing while listening to Julia's entertaining instructions in preparation for their team building class
A typical entree made during a cooking class - Chicken Wellington with Sweet Potato Mash and Peas and Carrots in Gran Marnier Sauce.
Demonstrating a culinary procedure cooking with a wok
Julia demonstrating making English Sausage Rolls in the International Appetizer Cooking Class
In a cooking classes the playing field is levelled as there are so many different areas a person can excel in to achieve the desired result. In fact different talents and versatility are important ingredients

The final picture from a Valentine's cooking class

Group picture from Valentine's Culinary Adventure !!
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